Birthday Brainwaves & Finding Balance

It’s twenty minutes before midnight. My birthday is approaching fast. I’ve written a lot lately about stuff that has already happened.  Now, I feel like it’s time to write about something that is coming up… and soon. As in, twenty minutes from now. My birthday. I’ve always loved birthdays. And I still do. Why? I […]

Flying High, Down Under: Part 4: The Audience Effect

Tonight was our first audience at the Capitol Theater!  It was exciting to finally share our creation with the 1600 friends and family that attended our final dress rehearsal.  Before it started, the whole cast was buzzed, nervous, excited.  After the curtain came down at the end, I sang to our genie, Michael James Scott, […]

Flying High, Down Under: Part 3: ALADDIN Q&A

I was recently interviewed by a local Sydney magazine, and I thought you might be interested to read my answers about my childhood relationship to the story of Aladdin, and why I think musical theater is a powerful healing art. Also, I explain what I think it means to be a Princess in the real world. […]

Flying High, Down Under: Part 2: Are You Happy?

Our Aladdin company is awesome. They are fiercely talented, funny, warm, and just a blast to see every day. Since day one, they’ve made a foreign girl feel totally welcome with their smiles, their questions to check in on how I’m feeling, sharing their snacks and their stories… I’ve been overwhelmed by the warmth and […]