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Arielle JacobsVocal Coaching with Arielle!

Arielle offers private vocal and audition coaching, in person in NYC, or online via Skype!

Arielle Jacobs Broadwawy Workshop

Arielle Jacobs working with a group of students

Do you like to sing for fun? Or are you training to get into a top-notch musical theatre college? Our work together will focus on helping you achieve your highest level of technique and expression. In a positive and fun environment, we’ll work on vocal technique, acting a song, scene or monologue, choosing material that’s great for your voice & type, and taking your skills to the next level.

Vocal coaching includes help with vocal technique, easeful and effective singing, and storytelling through song.

Audition coaching includes help with scenes, monologues, and/or songs. Exploring how to best tell the story of the piece, and utilize what makes YOU stand out from others. Clear and specific thoughts and opinions AS your character will help you bring life to what’s on the page.

  • Audition Technique
  • Basic and Advanced Vocal Technique
  • Song Interpretation
  • Pop/Rock Vocal Sound
  • Classical Vocal Sound

For coaching, concert & masterclass booking in your city or university, please contact:

Hear what her students (and parents of younger students) have to say about coaching with Arielle:

Our daughter met Arielle during an event at her arts school and working with her has been the best experience. She is not only very personable, but always professional. Her coaching has taken our children to a whole new level of performance and we could not be more pleased.

– Thelma F.

Arielle is beyond talented and I am lucky to have her as a teacher after 10 years hiatus. She makes me feel very comfortable and that was really important to me as I was a little nervous getting back into the saddle.

– Dera L.

Arielle is an outstanding and engaging vocal coach, with the ability to listen to the voice and to explain the mechanics and more of how to sing.

– Christine K.

I am pretty sure that I was the toughest case possible. Every time I would go to sing all that would come out were shrieks that were the equivalent to that penguin in the movie Happy Feet. I thought I would never be able to sing again. But after 5 minutes with Arielle something absolutely magical happened. My voice opened up with total ease and my authentic voice came through for the first time. I am still mesmerized by the precision of her mastery. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She has a unique approach that is absolutely the most efficient and effective approach I have ever witnessed.

– Heather B.

If you are looking to improve your vocal technique or audition for a Broadway show, then Arielle Jacobs will put you at the top of your game. Learn from a master. She is truly a one of a kind stunning triple threat!

– Barbara P.