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“In the role of Jasmine, Arielle Jacobs is the ideal fit, an absolute joy to watch. She’s sweet but strong-headed, smart but idealistic, and her chemistry with co-star Melham is excellent. She sings wonderfully and is as close to a real live manifestation of the Disney princess as one could imagine.”

“American beauty Arielle Jacobs as Jasmine was stunning and captured the strong-willed nature of the princess, showing delicateness in her vocal talents.”The AU Review

“Jacobs has the perfect Disney princess voice — light, crystal clear and with plenty of power in reserve for the necessary moments. The book doesn’t give her many opportunities to shine until the second act, but she’s always endearing.
The magic carpet ride in A Whole New World is a technical marvel (I heard several “how did they do that?” conversations on exiting the theatre) but it’s Melham and Jacobs’ playing of that scene which provides the real magic. Composed by Menken with lyricist Tim Rice, the song is the perfect representation of these two characters’ worlds circling each other and finally coming together, and the pair find all of the nervous excitement in that meeting.”Daily Review

“Ainsley Melham as Aladdin and Arielle Jacobs as Jasmine are both fantastic. They bring to life two of the screens most loved Disney characters and they Australian Stagenever miss a beat.”

“Handsome young WAAPA graduate, Ainsley Melham, is delightfully dorky as the bumbling hero, Aladdin, who defies all odds to win the love of the beautiful Princess Jasmine, played by another Broadway alumnus, Arielle Jacobs, looking and sounding exactly as a Disney princess should. Melham and Jacobs lose no time capturing each other’s hearts, as well as those of the audience, especially in the spectacular flying carpet scene, ‘A Whole New World’.”